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Force is a Security Operations Management Platform that equips your team for success by optimizing security resource workflows, metrics, and outcomes.

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Force SecOps Management Platform

Force provides analysts, managers, and executives a single pane of glass to both manage and operate from, with specific performance improvement capabilities to enhance outcomes, processes, and metrics.


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Any Alert. From Any Source.

Integration of client’s existing tools, appliances, and defensive systems through email, integrations, and other API’s. Eliminate wasted time logging into and copy-pasting from a myriad of different systems.


From 100 to 1.

Like a SIEM does for Events, Alerts are evaluated using machine learning  to group Alerts into potential Cases. 


Asset + Attack + Attacker

Potential Cases automatically associate information about the Asset, the Attack, and the Attacker by intelligently correlating proprietary and third party advanced threat intelligence data sets.


Intelligent Order. Your Rules.

User-defined Threat Classification Model (TCM), Policy Decisions, and rules are followed automatically, providing Analysts with prioritized activities which further increase your yield per valued Analyst.


Outcome-focused. Your Tools.

Workload is managed through workflow models,  orechestration of back-end technologies, ticketing, and outcome-focused actions.  Inherently, creating more advanced and experienced Analysts with each interaction.


Measure. Analyze. Succeed.

It’s hard to improve that which can’t be measured. It’s hard to measure attempted improvements without a platform that can track cause and effect. Force facilitates tracking, metrics, and business management of your SECOPS capabilties.  

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Streamlined Alert Prioritization

Today, there are plenty of technologies that are throwing alerts, but managing, filtering and prioritizing hundreds of alerts per day is nearly impossible.

Rook eliminates alert fatigue and noise by prioritizing based on a predefined threat classification model, streamlining focus on the alerts that truly matter.

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Data Fusion

Today, analysts waste inordinate amount of time and effort copying and pasting data from disparate systems into a generic ticketing system.

Rook automatically fuses the appropriate data from these integrated sources to present the right information at the right time.

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Superhero Scaling

Today, there is a lot of reliance on superhero powers. There is no knowledge transfer and you cannot have these individuals overburdened with managing all of the issues, critical or not.

Rook scales superheroes by implementing replicable methods and processes across your team to make everyone successful. Use your superhero’s powers for good and bring them in when they are needed.

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Unified Collaboration

Today, the zero-dark-thirty (00:30) conference calls during a possible crisis lead to blaming, mistakes, assumptions and wasted time.

Rook provides unified incident response war room capabilities for effective inter-disciplinary partner collaboration to quantify, prioritize, and execute structured plans to resolve crises.

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Force: War Room

Get rid of the constant back briefings, and focus analysts on solving the problem at hand. Pull in the experts to address issues and eliminate the crises. Effectively resolve and manage incidents from anywhere.

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Experience the Force Platform

Force is the only security operations platform designed by active operators for operators.

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