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Align executive strategy to operational execution and controls. Avoid critical control failures by fusing people + process + technology.

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Advisory Services

Every engagement we support should result in actionable, decision-driving data that will help our clients improve their security posture. 


Identify issues. Remediate.

Assess the perimeter, devices, applications, and systems in a manner in which can be effectively remediated.

Incident & Crisis Response

Rapid Analysis + Accurate Results

Get the right answers as fast as possible, while collaborating with the right counterparts.


Security + Privacy + Brand.

Extend past limited views of cybersecurity to focus on business enablement through trust.

Program Strategy

Vision. Methods. Tactics.

Design services and capabilities to support business strategy.

Enterprise Risk & Compliance

Measure gaps. Close them.

Set a milestone. Measure how far off. Remediate to management or third party risk tolerance.

Tailored Assessments for Specific Outcomes

The first step in building an effective IT security program is gaining a thorough understanding of your current security posture. Our assessments help provide this understanding. Assessments may be technical in nature or may be more policy, governance, or risk focused.

SECOPS Capability

Visibility. Intelligence. Respose.

Identify the inputs, outputs, methods, processes, and metrics that are in place, as well as how to optimize moving forward. 

Web App Pentest

Idenitify. Validate. Remediate.

Determine weaknesses in public and private web applications, and identify what to do to prevent re-occurence.  

Network Pentest

Identify. Validate. Remediate.

Identify issues on the internal and partner networks to prioritize remediation efforts and collaborate with network infrastructure and management teams to mitigate existing weaknesses. 

IOT Assessment

Enable New Lines of Revenue.

Avoid key failures in venturing into this new space by identifying areas of weakness in devices, communications, cloud processing, data management, and partner interfaces. 

Hybrid Risk


Assess overall posture with a hybrid assessment identifying policy, human capital, technical, and architectural areas for improvement. 


Real security is dirty

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