Don’t miss critical events.

You can’t respond to what you don’t see. From day one, immediately start sending data to the Rook Cloud SIEM. We collect, parse, and store the data so you don’t have to – turning it into usable and actionable information that our analysts or your team can use to respond to potential security threats.

Why Spend Time Managing Tools?

Let us do that for you. Managing security infrastructure takes time and expertise to maintain and support. With our fully managed IDS, our security engineers ensure that devices have the most up-to-date content, are sending the appropriate events, and  take the burden off your team.


See Threats Before they Become a Problem

Cyberattacks can be complex and can often go unnoticed for a long period of time. Our technology gives you insight into your network and risks that in most cases would have been hidden. Combine that with our elite team of security analysts and you have a solid layered defense of people and process.

Fight Alert Fatigue

Alerts can quickly become overwhelming, but don’t let that scare you. With our solution, similar events are correlated into single actionable alerts. This allows for malicious activity to be pinpointed easily and with high confidence.


Purpose Built and Purpose Driven

Our security operations management platform (Force) was designed from the ground up to meet the demanding needs of our security analysts. Every alert that is escalated through our platform is reviewed and followed up by our 24/7 SOC. They determine whether the threat is legitimate and only escalate what you determine to be important. Every decision made provides a feedback loop into Force, allowing for more intelligent decisions each and every time.

Data Enrichment

Threat Intelligence sources allow our analysts to enrich alerts being generated by our tools. This provides the context needed to quickly assess the potential threat. Our customers benefit from the breadth of our client base and our ever-growing historical dataset. This provides you visibility that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.


Actionable Security

When our Security Operations Center escalates something, you can rest assured that the proper level of automated analysis and human review has taken place. After all, it’s not our objective to give you busy work — but instead provide you with the peace of mind knowing incidents are being handled.

Proactive Defense

With our on-premise integration, our analysts can automatically block malicious activity on your network. This drastically reduces the time to respond and gives you the benefit of always knowing you are being protected around the clock.  You get to take advantage of the breadth of our client base and have threats proactively blocked at your perimeter before they become a problem.