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Anticipate, manage and eliminate threats to your organization’s data assets and intellectual property.

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Equip your team for success.

Force is the security optimization platform that takes the plethora of alert data that comes in and prioritizes them using Threat Classification Models (“TCM”) and policy decisions that have been established by client management to determine what matters and what doesn’t.

This prioritization focuses analysts’ efforts to triage alerts within a few minutes to determine what becomes a ticket or an incident and manage it all to result in effective outcomes. If an incident is a large-scale incident or truly a crisis, the War Room provides unified incident management with real-time collaboration and communication across all the relevant internal and external constituents.

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Managed Threat Response

Extend your team your way.

Managed Threat Response is your scalable Security Operations team. You can bring your own team to protect you and manage your security services, if you have them, or Rook can provide you with elite analysts to extend or support your team on demand or in a sustainable manner to help you scale as you need.

Rook analysts specialize in managing alerts through incidents and eliminating threats. If you are in the middle of an incident, you can “pop a flare” to get the right people involved immediately. Or if you need sustainable help, trust the Rook experts to manage your security operations for you.

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Advisory Services

What to do, when, why, and how.

Advisory Services is your expert consulting team to assess and continuously improve security, risk, and compliance program capabilities.

We assist clients in assessing and testing  security programs, assigning risk ratings, validating regulator compliance and implementing information security programs.

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Anticipate, manage, and eliminate threats.

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