About Rook

We are a provider of global IT security solutions protecting sensitive data against dynamic, emerging threats.  

Outcome-Focused Security™

We believe that every engagement we support should result in actionable, decision-driving data that will help our clients improve their security posture. By implementing and managing controls that provide visibility, intelligence, and response® capabilities, we are able to detect adversaries and stop them before they can exfiltrate sensitive information or competitive advantage.

Advisory Services

Consulting and Assessment services to help organizations establish compliance frameworks, privacy programs, security policies, and overall security postures.

Managed Security Services

Monitoring and response services to help organizations identify threats, remediate gaps, and manage risk within their security programs.

Solution Integration

Full lifecycle support for the selection, procurement, integration, and quality assurance of IT security infrastructure.

In The Media

From security strategy to industry trends and data breaches, the Rook team frequently provides analysis and commentary to local, national, and global media outlets.

PR Contact: Tim Whitman, Voce Communications, twhitman@vocecomm.com

  • “Tools don't solve the problem. Period. Ever. The combination of people, process and technology do.”

  • "There are companies spending millions on security right now and they're still getting infected with malware."

  • "We live in a user-driven, technology-adoption curve."

  • "Today's perimeter doesn't end at the company's physical walls."

  • "Identify the real issues with simplicity..."

  • "Anyone who connects to the Internet, in one way or another, will be impacted."

  • "It's not enough simply to throw a tool at it to identify the issue; that's only half the battle."

  • "It’s about trust. People know that people get hacked. Everyone has been part of a hacking incident."

  • "Penetration test reports are generally lies."

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